Software and Information System Testing

Once a QA team has completed integration testing and has verified that all modules and components behave as expected when integrated together, the next phase of quality assurance begins . . . system testing. The final preparation for the release of a web application, mobile app, and so on relies on software system testing which looks at a software product as a whole and evaluates whether it successfully meets the pre-defined functionality, end-user, and business criteria.

Keeping with the analogy of the hot air balloon we discussed earlier, after validating through integration testing that all the parts of the hot air balloon work together correctly, system testing would then look at the hot air balloon as one mechanism and evaluate how well it works as a whole.

Quality assurance testers in this phase will want to measure not only how easily the hot air balloon lifts, flies, and lands, but how user-friendly, secure, and stable it is under normal and peak conditions.

As the first test of a software product that has become fully integrated, QA system testing assesses behavior and helps monitor for:

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Advantages of System Testing

One of the most significant phases in the software QA life cycle, system testing is at the heart of authenticating whether a product is ready to be shared with users. Benefits include:

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    Ensures end-to-end evaluation of an entire product prior to release and lowers risk for application failures once the product is live

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    Encourages strong, clear documentation including that of application architecture

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    Confirms compliance with all requirements specifications (technical, functional, business, etc.)

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    Improves the quality of the end product that is delivered to users

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    Reduces chances of timely and costly bug fixes that may pop up after a product is released and drain customer support resources

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    Gives developers confidence that they are delivering a high-quality user experience

Advantages of System Testing

Types of System Testing

To reveal the most actionable insights, system QA is conducted in a test environment that closely mimics the production environment. A dedicated system test engineer may administer an array of tests that measure and verify the following:

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    Does the system function as the requirements criteria detail it should?

  • 2


    Is the software reliable, responsive, stable, and performant under various conditions?

  • 3


    Has the software retained its original functionality since its modifications?

  • 4


    Is the software user-friendly, and intuitive? Does it offer an optimal experience for the end-user?

  • 5


    Can the software hold up as the load and stress on the system increase?

  • 6


    How quickly does the system respond under normal and peak conditions?

  • 7


    Do the security features ensure the integrity of the software product as far as protecting sensitive data and information are concerned?

  • 8


    Can the software recover successfully and quickly following a crash or failure?

  • 9


    Can the software successfully interact with other software systems or components?

  • 10


    Are all test scenarios and requirements agreed upon prior to and during this QA phase well-documented?

If bugs, breaks, or defects are identified during this stage of evaluation, they are fixed and then re-tested, forming a repeated quality assurance cycle until the software QA team signs off for deployment.

Outsourcing System Testing

Outsourcing System Testing

System testing in software engineering can be inadvertently biased by a developer’s personal affinity for their own code. That is why it is highly recommended to engage independent quality assurance professionals who can bring their software system testing expertise, experience, and objectivity to the table.

Be it mobile application or web application QA testing, or some other category of software and information systems quality assurance, the first-class team of specialists at Spiral QA have you covered. Their deep knowledge of and experience with system testing combined with their passion for user-focused development make them a critical asset during the software development cycle.

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